ok so i was just wondering if anyone could give me some tips to play guitar, im 14 years old and have been playing for 2 years. i look around in school and see all these people who are better looking then me, better at sports then me, and better then guitar at me. i really want to get good at guitar so i can be good at something. the last 2 years i didn't take guitar to seriousley but now i am. when i get home and practice i play the songs that i know

Animal i have become - Three days grace
click click boom- saliva
break- three days grace
american idiot- green day
know your enemy- green day
highway to hell- acdc
time of dying- three days grace
sweet child o' mine- guns and roses
bite to break skin- senses fail
cant be saved- senses fail
perfect insanity- distured
(learning right now) blow- atreyu

i play those songs and i also do c major scales form 1-3 throught the circle of fiths up and down twice using all four fingers. at that im not really good or bad im average and i want to improve in those songs, scales, and my overall skill in guitar. so im just looking at any tips that you do/did to get to your skill level at guitar whether they be exercises or more scales.

also on a side note im having difficulty using my pinky when ever i use it to hit a fret my finger next to it gos down with my pinky and gets in the way, does anyone else have this problems with not being able to move their pinky independetley? if you did howd you get rid of it?

thanks for the tips.
the pinky problems will dissapear with time or you can do some finger independence exercises
PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE......that is all young one. Keep playing songs you love and learn the hardest parts and start incorporating them into your own style.

And....don't be so damn hard on yourself, be confident! You're 14 and the best years are in front of you bro; you're going to get better at everything from here on out.
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just play/learn any song you like. be confident, but not cocky. just be yourself and you will fall into where you are supposed to be. play more than you think you need to.
imo, drop the green day songs, they aren't gonna help you at all (know your enemy has 2 riffs). Find more songs that will challenge you to learn, and spend a lot of time practicing and polishing them to performance standards, and your overall skill should start to come up.
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Yeah, just keep working hard at it, and you will get good at it in time. I only started when I was 21, so you are already 9 yrs ahead of me given that you are 14 and have already been playing for 2 yrs.
Your 14 and you been playing for 2 years..and already playing songs you enjoy......i am 34 years your senior and am just learning and trying to play songs i like......its a learning experiance everyday......
i just pick up my box, and play whatever comes to mind...no particular song...just chords, notes and a few riffs that come about some dont even go together but sound great together.....i try and play songs from others, but i just throw my own stuff together enough to be able to learn to play someone elses tunes.......i am not out to impress no one but myself.....just be Yourself.....thats impressive in itself.....just your post here impressed me.....young folks who are giving it their best shot....that to me is cool.....and it should be to you also...and it will be to others also.......Play On !!
Some guitarists will tell you to play along with albums all day, go to pains transcribing by ear (When you can often buy, or find the tabs), and "learn everything your own way".

Well, I have also heard the guitarist of AFI say the same thing, and they're an emo band that play little power chords all the time. Sorry if that offends anyone, but that's my opinion.

Take lessons, buy magazines, practice for hours. Don't worry about learning songs every day, because you're suppose to take the songs you already know and use them to help write your own! Plus, you have to learn certain techniques before you learn certain songs anyway. Find out how to sweep, chicken pick, tremolo pick, or anything you want to learn. To sound like yourself you have to learn from others and yourself. I took lessons longer than most guitarists did, but I learned so much, but I didn't just rely on my instructor. I learned my most important scales by myself, yet I still learned all the chords from him. I learned many songs by myself, but still learned some from him. You have to give a little, and take a little.
i'm 16 and i suck at guitar. playing for two years as well. just learn riffs that are just above your skill level. it might take an hour or two to get down, but once you get it you're better off imo. i got a tape recorder from k-mart for like 20 dollars so that i could tape and listen to mistakes/ things i like so i know what to do with it. doing a regulated warmup helps, a lot. my speed increased a ton, as well as endurance for playing. just dont stop pickin' man.
Just keep playing the songs you love. That's the best way to stay motivated. You need to challenge yourself once in a while but don't listen to the guy who said stop playing Green Day. Play whatever you love. I've been playing guitar 10 years and I still like to play simple stuff like Green Day, Nirvana, Weezer, etc just as much as I like to play Metallica or Dream Theater. It's not always about how technical your playing is, it's the enjoyment you get from it. Plus it seems like you've got a good mix of songs in there of varying difficulty. Just keep at it and don't worry what other people think.
Just keep playing, you'll get there eventually. If you wanna progress, make sure your learning songs that challenge you. Also, get a teacher if you can.