hey guys, im looking to start a build soon, though before i start that, i thought it would be better to get some more knowledge. so im going to upgrade my crappy ashton starting guitar.

what do you guys think i should do?

pickups are going to stay passive, though i dont know what im going to change them to? h-s-s layout

im going to put a licensed floyd in for the sake of it.


and probably going to scollap with fretboard

any other suggestions?

and finish? im thinking black with green racing stripe, but i want to know what ug has to say.
i think it sounds kewl
as long as the green stripe isnt too thin to be unnoticeable
just make sure to get a good floyd and tuners and locking nut
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Don't cheap out on the fr, it'll cause you a load of problems down the track, been there done that!

If you get a good fr and locking nut you won't need real good tuners, all they have to do is tune the guitar up then once you put the locking nut on they can go out of tune as much as they want, cause it won't effect the tuning stability of the strings between the nut and bridge.
sounds good other than the scalloped fretboard, iv just never like them. they feel so weird
yea why do you want a scalloped fretboard?
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ok, well i did a dodgey preview. i know my strat is not an rg, this was just easier to do.

the floyd will be non recessed!

and i am having thoughts of putting in a killswitch. could someone tell me how to wire on and if its hard.

and i do like the feel of a scollaped fretboard, but i have onlyplayed one with the upper frets scollaped so i may do that.

EDIT: it will be chrome hardware instead
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Well speaking of licenced FR I suggest you go with a good one like a Gotoh. Its not as cheap as the FR special or those other licensed ones but it will last longer, and sound a bit better... probably better sustain to considering the brass sustain block.

As for pickups I dont really know depends on what sound your looking for... Try the Dimarzio pickup sort of test thing on their website it shows you pickups that might suit after selecting some guitar based options.

+1 about the cheaper tuners with a good FR. But you could probably get away with Gotoh schaller modeled mini tuners, they arent way expensive but are better than cheaper no-name tuners.

maybe put a small green stripe on the headstock sorta above the Low E string, to sorta give the headstock a similarity in scheme to the body... or a green logo.
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If you don't recess the floyd, you'll most likely need a neck angle.

I have a recessed floyd on two of my strats (well actually one, I got pissed with the floyd on one and turned it into a tom) and both need neck angles.

You might also wanna do your mockups in kisekae, they have a strat.