25.5" scale
Bound Basswood body
Quilted maple top (1/8")
Cream binding
MM Axis bridge with string through Vey nice
MM A5 zebra Humbucking pickups Direct mounted to body
1 volume
1 tone
5-way switch
MM 5-bolt neck plate
4x2 headstock which is only like 5" tall
locking tuners
Graphite Nut
Rotary wheel truss rod
Maple neck w/ Rosewood fingerboard with small dot inlay. Asymetrical neck carve. And gunstock oil finish on neck!
Transparent Orange stain, (Nice cause its my second favorite color other than Emerald green.)

All for $500, been wanting a music man Axis for awhile, tried it out and this one and theyre pretty exact. Only difference is, headstock is not stained like body, natural maple, Instead of a 1/4" Maple top its a 1/8" veneer to cut cost, and the pickups arent Dimarzio but they sound damn good, awesome clean tone, and that Warm brounw sound distortion.

But to make it even better Mods are:
String Saver Graphtech saddels
Compensated graphtech nut
head stock string retainers to angle string downward for hotter sustain
Black Speed knobs

You really need to try these out, I think MM will be sorry but will benefit cause there more afordable then the U.S built one but the value, tone, and craftsmanship are all amazing!


Tight neck joint
honestly that does look like a nice guitar. wish my store could get this brand, i really wanna play one now!

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They feel and play great man, I dont know why they did this, maybe the economy. But if you play this compared to the U.S MM for 1100 dollars more you would take it, and if you wanted to upgrade it like me for 35 for the saddles 6 for the knobs and the retainer if you wanted. Freakin awesome!!