hey some solos i know use those but i havent learend how to tap correctly so how do i? also how do i go from picking notes to tapping and back to picking quickly? and my problem with hammer on and pull offs is that i cant do them fast whether it be going up to different strings or down to different frets. any tips for me?
if you record yourself playing it, i could tell you where you are messing up at. I usually use my middle finger on my picking hand to tap and when i let go to the bottom note of the pattern and hammer on the next note. there are a few lessons on youtube how to tap and tap/hammer on/pull off
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as for switching back and forth between picking and tapping mode, i suggest you use a finger that does not touch your pick to tap the notes. for example, i use my middle finger, that way i dont have to shift the pick at all. you could also tap with your pick, cause u still wouldnt have to shift it.

for improving hammersons, pulloffs overall, i suggest you practice simple patterns individually. for example , 5-8-5-8, 5-7-8-7-5, 8-7-5-7-8 etc on one string at a time.

good luck

and use a metronome
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Just gotta start slow and build up the muscle memory. Finger tapping is all about patterns and there aren't a heck of a lot of them. Practice something like 12--8--5-- on the high e string in triplets. Tap on 12, pull off from 8, and keep your pointer planted on 5 the whole time. That's probably the easier pattern.

And remember, pull-offs aren't just simply picking your finger up off a string. You gotta give it a little pull as you leave the string. Kinda helps to have decent calluses too.