.. which end in less then 48 hours..
Today will = diablo 2 online all day, throw in a few movies, music
Tomorrow will = going to a friends house to teach guitar and also play guitar hero 5.

If you are an Australian school student, what will your final plans be? Will you be going out with a BANG! or will you take it easy?

no seriously, every time i just sorta do nothing...
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I have the hsc so **** you... But then after I get 4 months of NOTHING
i know. then i can play guitar all day and party all night. Sucks to be you!

HSC is coming. In 4 days.

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Trust me, I'm a medical student
Shhhh! Stop reminding me... I gotta stop procrastinating and start studying. Next thursday i will never have to belong again.
I dont have school or anything, but im gonna still just masturbate for the next 2 days straight... well not straight, like 7-9 times a day depending on how I feel, what Im looking at, etc... it should still be a great time.