I play in drop B and i am using a 6 string H.R.Giger guitar with .56 ernie ball not so slinkys with a line 6 spider valve 212 I play mainly the hardcore and groove metal music associated with drop B and i am struggling to get my low B string riffs to really come through. I am considering getting an EQ pedal, looking at the MXR 108 or the boss eq-20. also considering getting a cab and using my spider valve as the head.

Are these good options to improve the tonal quality? Does anyone have other suggestions?
haha trust me, i have played with my tone knobs multiple times i have had my current gear for almost a year now.
My next suggestion would be turn the bass down, haha. An EQ would probably help.

Maybe it's time for a guitar with a longer scale length. The H.R. Giger guitar's scale length is 25.5. Guitars that are designed for low tunings like drop B (seven strings and baritones) have a longer scale length. Usually they're around 27-30. The longer scale brightens your tone so it's not so muddy sounding, and you don't have to use such thick strings.
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Turn down the gain a bit. I've run a friend's seven string through my 5150 and had to turn the gain down a bit to get it as clear as the other strings.
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