this is a game where you give a senario and you say something unlucky about it and the next person has to say something lucky about it for example:

You were at a Mc Donalds and unluckily they ran out burgers just when you wanted to order one.

Luckily you didn't have one beacause the burger guy spat in every burger he made.

So start playing i'll give the first one.

You were at a cinema and you wanted to see a movie, but unluckily the movie you wanted to see was sold out
I went to the pit and I unluckily clicked on a silly thread that doesn't seem to hold much humorous value.

Luckily, I've got beer.
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-Jim Morrison
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luckily that movie sucked so it's ok

you're fingering an A minor but, unluckily your g string breaks

Luckily, when the cops overheard you saying this, they realized you were talking about a guitar.

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Luckily i havent watched that show in years.

Unluckily, it's 5.18 am, and im still up..and i'm out of cigarettes.
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Lucky, you are no longer craving cigarettes and have now fallen asleep.

you are fail.