Hey all.

I've been kind of curious about this particular mic. While I have gotten a few decent recorded tones with my SM57, I still haven't been able to get the sound I want out of it, despite lots of experimentation with mic positioning (though my skill level at this point could be to blame as well).

I'm wondering if maybe using a different mic might be worth giving a shot? I've heard this is a pretty good mic, and from what I can tell from pics, it looks like it can capture a wider range of sound than an SM57? I've already tried some dual micing stuff with some condenser mics I have (using one of them in combination w/a 57), but while I capture a wider range of sound, it picks up a harsh high end that isn't too pleasant to listen to.

If it means anything, I'm mainly recording metal stuff. Any good advice helps!
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If i was you, i would pick up a Sennheiser 421, and dual mic it with the 57. Alot of bands do this. Alexisonfire, and Underoath both do this.

The results are great!
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^yes! and if u wanna be a real man exchange the sm 57 for an sm7!
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I'd rather get the e906, I just preferred it more quality wise. You get what you pay for from Sennheiser.
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Quote by kylendm
I'd rather get the e906, I just preferred it more quality wise. You get what you pay for from Sennheiser.

wait... you'd rather get the e906 ($189) over the MD421 ($379) because you want better quality and "get what you pay for"????

i'm a bit confused.

i personally think a 57 and 421 on guitar cabs is all anyone could ever need. but maybe your style is a 57 and/or 906. your call, but quality wise, there is nothing wrong with a 421. pro studios all over the world use 421's on guitar cabs. if you really "get what you pay for" then the 421 is twice as good as the 906.