So for some of the solos I'm trying to write, I'm running into some problems playing a lick like this:


(sorry, I don't know how to do the html code for tab notation )

The bolded parts are the pats I'm having problems with. I'm trying to alternate pick this whole section, but at the bolded parts the clarity goes away as I struggle to keep the constant DUDUDU picking style going across two strings. What's the best way to approach this? Practice more like this? Try to learn economy picking? Try to refret a note or two from the e string to the B string so I don't even have to worry about switching between strings?

Thanks for any help, alternate picking between strings is definitely one of my biggest weaknesses for guitar...
start with an upstroke, throw in some hammer on and pull offs, or just practice your speed of DUDUD
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It just takes practice, but keep both notes fretted and use economy picking. Try picking the e string on the outside of the neck and the B string on the inside.
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or you could hybrid pick the last 10 on the high e

As for the fingering, you should probably lift your finger off the fret a bit when going to a new string if you are using distortion, otherwise it sounds like chewie.

economy picking isn't really going to help the situation as if you hit the first two bolded notes with an upstroke, you have to go all the way over the B string again to the high e
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