Hello Pit!

Didn't know where else to put this, so why not my old stomping grounds?

Anyone know of any good drum mufflers? Our drummer has a very loud kit, and he has mufflers, but they quiet his drums down too much. it's either the drums are freaking loud or they are really quiet. I was hoping you guys knew of any mufflers...or noise reducers...for drums? Would it be possible to reduce the noise by maybe half? That would make things a whole lot easier.

I realize this is The Pit and I won't get a serious response for a while, so feel free to post whatever.
Toss t-shirts on the drum heads.


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tryy ear plugs so then it wont seem so loud and u can piss off the guy next door

I was hoping that we could quiet the drums down for the sake of the musicians in the band and so we wouldn't need epic equipment to hear the vocals when we practice in the garage.

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really good if you want to keep the same sound, but softer

Sweet, which ones would you recommend?
Kotex mini-pads

Just the regular ones, though. Not the ones with "wings"
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Kotex mini-pads

Just the regular ones, though. Not the ones with "wings"

Wow, i find more and more uses for em everyday
I'm a firm believer in the whole "player softer so it's quieter" thing.
Hey all. The best way if you wanna go to the trouble, is by replacing your heads with mesh ones. Its awesome for practicing and doesnt p!ss the neighbours off. And if you wanna go to even more trouble (i wouldnt) you can buy acoustic drum triggers and put them on every drum, aswell as a trigger module, and just use headphones. or you could use an electric kit =]. EN-fukkin-joy.

Couple of times with that will do, you might need to find someone with one first though.....