My strings started rattling after I snapped my high e string, it is only when i play them open or 5th fret or lower. Is it rattling because my high e string isnt there or something else. How do i get rid of the rattle. Thank you in advance.
If it's on a floating bridge the action probably lowered when the e was snapped. Restring it and it should be fine. If it's a hardtail, I've got no idea.
as abover floating bridge its the lack of the e string, otherwise it could be string gauge but as it wasnt happening before u snapped it its not likely, if it still does it after the restring, take it too a tech a set up should fix it, if not ur strings are too think for your scale, go up a guage
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Yeah, basically the spring tension on the bridge pulled the trem back down towards the body, which is causing the buzzing. Once you restring and retune it it should be fine.
i don't know the proper term of it, but the metal knob where you thread your string through the hole on the headstock might just be vibrating if your e string isn't in.
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