alright, hey, so im stationed on okinawa, japan. pretty cool place especially for music equipment. ive found some pretty awesome guitars and amps, good vintage ****. anyway, i was at this place and i found this nice little tube amp, sounds great. it was called a Ken Jordan, had celestion speakers, 4 preamp tube and 2 (weird looking) power tubes (held in with springs...) all russian made tube, on the back it said it was made in korea. thats all i know about it, i cant seem to find any info online. like i said it sounded great, but ive never heard of it, the wanted 300 which is think is a steal. just curious if anyone else has seen, heard, or knows anything about these...
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I have never heard anything about those, and no results turn up on google, but if it sounds that amazing, that is very interesting and unique... How many watts is it?

What kind of cool guitars did they have?
Wow...to live in Japan for a while, to enjoy all the Fujigen guitars!

Never heard of it, why not get it? I am sure the service pays you well enough to get an amplifier! (or many)
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uh, i think its a 35 watt, doesnt really say, just says it a 35r so i'll just assume 35 watts. but 35 watts through tube is loud as hell.. right now im running a fender 212 (got it traded for a line 6 spider 3, heh, i love noobs to guitar)... oh yeah but see my buddy n i went there and almost made off with an american fender for 600, that amp for 200 and a morris acoustic (japanese i guess) for 200. 1000 all together and they wouldnt take hundreds. the **** right? we also found a gibson les paul, on of those ugly double cut aways, quilt top standard, but real beat up and corroded.. not worth 900 for as new as it really was...
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hmmm sounds about right, there were the three pre amp tubes together (with the cylinder around them) and then on preamp (again with cylinder) and the two slightly bigger ones, but they spring and a weird case to hold them in. yeah it was a regular cube really, smaller than a two 12, but about the size of a line 6 spider III 30 watt. and it had that kinda denim sorta parrtern but vinyl in a light off white and tan.
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