well i just got a kramer vanguard and the dude that had it had emg's in there. i for one do not like active pickups. im sure somebody here does tho. and the strange thing is that he had two 81's in it.
One is a EMG zakk wylde 81. in mint condition.
And the other is a 25th anniversary EMG 81. in semi-good condition. it just has a little dirt on it.

im pretty much interested in trading them for dimarzio pickups.
The 3 main ones im looking for are dimarzio tone zone, humbucker from hell, or the paf pro. either of those will do but tell me what you got if interested.
heres the kicker: i love custom colored dimarzios please have them in any color lol i dont really care. pink,blue,green, those would be awesome!

i dont have pics but if you want to see them i could send them through email.
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i forgot to mention that ill throw in the quick connect cables. those are pretty usefull.
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Where abouts are you?
I'm in aus but i have a dimarzio d-sonic for the bridge and an dimarzio air norton in my neck on my schecter atm.. few months old and amazing pickups.