All i have to say is wow !

I expected the sound to be really thin and whisper quiet.

I also played a $1700 cole clark dread and a $1500 maton dread. Honestly, the mini maton sounded better to me, as did the cort mini. The dreads had much more bottom end, but I found the travels had more detail and projection. The full size dreads sounded muddy in comparison.

The mini maton was better than the cort mini in finish but that was just edges on the cort not being finished too well. The cort was 1/3 the price of the maton though.

Would like to try a taylor in comparison.

I was surprised how easy they are to play. Body position is a little awkward at first, but the action of them is not as cramped as I expcted.

Overall im now in love with these travel guitars and dont see the need for a dread in my situation where space is an issue and when I prefer the tone of the travel guitars.
All four are great guitars!!

I have a cole clarke FL2AC dread and LOVE it!! (it is my other wife)

As with you I wanted a smaller body guitar, my reasons were to be able to take it around and not be too concerned with it. I bought a Cort Mini (around A$330) with pickups. If I had the $900 i would have gone the Minimaton, but am really happy with the Cort. It can be a little too bright and picks up on any mistakes (my problem really). great for mucking around the house and for when the baby comes (actual child about a month before born).

I believe a Baby Taylor is up close to the minimaton in price. (havenlt had chance to play one). You may also look for an Ashton Joeycoustic (similar to the cort & maton but only $200 but not pickups) this sounds little thinner and dont believe solid top.

Good luck and have fun
baby taylors run $299.00 - i've seen them on sale for $249.00. there are little martins for $279.00 at musicians friend.

fiztech - have you considered a parlor? they're small but not as small, and might be less awkward. you can get an a&l ami (with a solid top) for $279.
thanks guys.

i have considered a parlour. but the AMI is $700 street here (the taylor baby is $800) the cort mini i can get for $275.

i just want a guitar i dont have to worry about breaking in travel.

the parlour wouldnt fit in overhead luggage in plane or would it?

i would like to try the joey coustic but they dont have any near me ;-(

where did u get a cort mini with electrics for $330, thats a bargain.

i can also get hold of a walden t550 for $300, but they made in china.

the one thing i didnt like about the cort mini is that it feels completely unfinished. and i wonder if the sharp frets had more to do with shrinkage of the wood in the humidity we have now. still liked it for the money though.
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