This is fer sure one of the weirdest things I've wrote. The idea came from just a chip on the shoulder idea. Like your past has set you up where everywhere you go, your reminded of how ugly people are(inside, not litteraly ugly). If you have ideas for more please share.

He carries hate in his hands
wears it like gloves that are taped with his past
and when the day comes when his reasons are near
he's gonna shout out, let it all out, gonna make his beliefs clear

He keeps a fake smile wraped over his face
letting no one know it's this world that he hates
and when the night comes when they are around
He's gonna take off this mask, let his gun blast, gonna watch them all fall down

Well that's what you get
If I'm going down, your coming with
Say your goodbyes
maybe for once, stop telling your lies.
ok times up
Let me show you how much this world is corrupt