Your working at a shopping mall, known for bringing in a large amount of business. Its a week until Christmas, a perfect time for a robbery. Most people have left except for 11 staff.

Your take your eyes off the monitor to drink your coffee. When you hear a scream. You look at the screen to see 3 tall man walk in with 2 guns each, a machine gun and a shotgun. You hear one say line up and face the wall. You also notice they have a bulletproof vest, something you don't have. You gather your thoughts when they execute 5 of the 11 hostages. Your 9mm gun won't kill them without a shot demanding accuracy.

The police are all ready at a shootout at a bank in the neighboring town, and by the time they get there the people could die. You look at a picture of your family, your lovely wife and 2 kids. She is also pregnant with a baby due next week.

You stand up and grab the door handle, what happens after?

tl;dr: Shoot out at a mall, your the only guard on duty and lives depend on your judgement.
Obviously I kick the robbers' asses and save everyone still alive
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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM

Shut up and stay out of their way until people more capable arrive. Interfering against such force will only make things worse.

But seriously... I could take them. I've covered wars, y'know.
kill wife, kids and unborn baby so you have nothing to lose, then do some Collateral Damage yo
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Are we doing a CYOA?

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I'm a security guard, dawg.

I shoot them in the head, shoot out both knees on the last guy, and curb stomp his face.

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Are we doing a CYOA?

There is a lot of these lately. But yeah, another CYOA.
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Being in that position you'd have a certain degree of training (more than anyone else there) and would hence have the responsibility to intervene in any way you can. I'd think the guard should go to the scene and try to talk to the gunmen, to discern what it is they want and/or try to talk them out of further carnage.
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Probably crawl in some vents

Then kick some terrorist ass!

Then pose a bit

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Hmm. I'm not the security guard, I'm one of the hostages. Luckily I ignored mall policy today as always and am carrying. When the bad guys reveal their intention to execute the hostages I begin shooting at them, taking out one and hitting another. They shoot me, the other hostages act to take down the unharmed bad guy and the wounded one, I keep shooting until empty but am bleeding out quickly. A few hostages are dead, the bad guys are down, and I'm dead or dying. The End.

i have covered wars, you know.
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Cause a diversion or commotion elsewhere, get them to split up, then widdle five pegs from a crochet set in sporting goods into stakes and set up traps (like in First Blood), taking them out one by one.

The second guy will be tougher, once he knows you're there. Get over to Sears and the Automotive isle. For this, you will need a manequin that you can dress in your clothes, some motor oil, a used battery, ballbearings, and a dipstick for your car. (Imagine Home Alone) You will have to finish this guy off quickly and silently. For that, be glad you stopped over at the deli and grabbed some lettuce beforehand. That lettuce will save your life. Don't be worried about getting any on the floor. It'll soak up some of the blood stains.

The third guy, the ringleader will be tougher. Get over to the pet store, open all the cages and try to get him to empty his clip on them. Then, you need to take the escalator up to the second floor and when he passes underneath, jump down on top of him, pull his hair and bite him about the neck and shoulders. Try and cause an infection of some sort.
While piggy back, try and ride him toward the Food Court. This is where you will make your last stand, next to the pizza place. You will need three bowls of Ceasar Salad, tongs, one slice of provolone, and an italian accent.

I think you know what to do from there.
No-one said it would be easy or pretty.
Good luck.
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Sadly this is Ultimate-guitar, not Simple-guitar. We can't help you.

Post a thread on a guitar related forum asking other people for advice on what to do.
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Post a thread on a guitar related forum asking other people for advice on what to do.

This isn't a guitar related forum, its general discussion. The idea is would you rather save yourself or put yourself in extreme danger to help others, even if you didn't survive.
You get the **** out of there, theres no reason for you to give them another life to end.
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Well personally I am a good shot. I would consider shooting at them.

Since I hate the thought of dying, though, I'd contact the cops and tell them about the situation, and then possibly hide or shoot them in the legs as a distraction so the cops can save some people.
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