my friend has been playing for about 10 years now, and he has been looking recently for someone who will make a custom body/fretboard/headstock out of his choice of wood

thanks for the help
Since you didn't mention the neck, I take it he's already got a neck?

There are any number of luthiers out there who can do the job. His best bet would be to find somebody local, if such a craftsman exists. You don't want just anybody - you want someone who can and will do the job right.

The easiest thing would be for him to check the telephone book for local luthiers. If there are any, contact them and find out what they would charge, and if they are willing to build the instrument that he wants. You also want a firm commitment on how long the job will take.
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google "luthiers" for whatever area you are in

This and make sure you always look at their previous works otherwise you may be dealing with another Devries...

I guess if you list which state and country you are in some user could point you in the right direction.