ok guys...so i'm doing a project overhaul of a cheap guitar i got...

anyways...when i was removing the paint with paint remover and when scrapping the stuff off with a metal scrapper, i went a bit to hard and fast and the sharp side of the scrapper dug into the wood...

and now theres like a friggin line, 1.5cm long and about .5 to 1 mm deep...sucks big time...actually, i've got quite a few scratches too, but i suppose those won't really matter..

But what the crap should i do now? I definitely want a tung oil finish on the neck...so my question is...will the tung oil be able to fill this deep scratch up and harden, hence making the neck feel smooth?

Or will i need to fill the scratch up with like wood filler...but then, i don't suppose the wood filler will actually absorb the oil?

Then i've got some slight layer tears on the body wood...i suppose for the body filling would definitely be necessary? Or will the layers of primer and paint and clear coating be enough for the slight dents to be covered up?

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HI there!

I'm actually at the far end of doing up an old guitar, and when I was stripping back the paint I also gouged chunks out of the headstock, neck and body.

For the scratches that you are going to paint over, lay down a coat of primer, then enough coats of automotive filler primer putty (spray can), sanding between each coat until the surface is flat. Then just put on your top layers.

For the neck, the Tung oil won't be able to fill the hole. Your best bet will be to fill the hole with wood putty or wood filler then apply varnish over the whole lot to seal it in. If you use a good quality poly-urethane varnish, prep sand the surface before hand so that it is smooth as you can get it and do several coats of varnish you should be able to get a decent result.

Unless of course, the damage is too major or stands out too much. In which case then your best bet is to fill the holes in and do what I recommended with the body.

Hope this helps and that the rest of your project runs smoothly!

hey thanks man...that does help a lot...

so...wood filler WILL work with tung oil? Great!