i've been looking at a lot of videos recently and they all tell you to do the same thing when picking.. you sort of curl your finger around the back of the pick in a way and then place your thumb over it.

Well.. I Pick like this..

hold the pick with my thumb, first finger and middle finger.
Is it wise to change how i pick?
Well. I think it's uncomfortable to pick like that but if it makes you play good then do it your way. Eddie Van Halen picks like that to.
Well, I tried picking the other wayy..
And I think that it's not necessarily difficult.. It'd just take a bit of practise to pick like that.

Was thinking of looking into some guitar lessons, you think the teacher would help me change my style?
hey i have been playing guitar for 5 years and for the first 4 and 1/2 i did exactly what u do, thumb 1st and 2nd fingers holding the pick. i always thought "eh watev its all personal preference" but lately ive been forcing myself to learn the "traditional" pick holding technique of thumb and 1st finger w/ the 1st finger curled, and trust me, once u get it down, u'll b able to play faster and cleaner. im still adjusting to it and its still difficult to play arpeggios this way, but it helps on downpicking and alternate picking, and i suggest u start changing ur technique now. It'll definetly help u in the long run
I don't see anything too bad with your picking. It's already quite close to the "real" way.

As long as you're confortable this way, it's all good. We're all born different to a certain extent(knuckles, muscles, etc etc). Things that are confortable for you aren't for others, and vice versa.

I mean look at guys like Marty Friedman, is picking is... weird shall I say. But if it works for him, there's no problem. You will learn faster playing confortably then forcing confort into your fingers.

And if I recal correctly, Hetfield actually holds the pick with two fingers, index and middle finger.
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