ive been haveing a lot of screw up with bridge saddles, first the little spinya things got stripped, welll most of them. Then i ordered some graph tech saddles (for strat) that didnt fit. so i need any advice i can get, are that prs saddles smaller or larger than the strat, of should i just get narrow spaced.
its not a strat, its a cort x-2, i really need to know if a prs is wider or narrower than a strat saddle
if you bought wide saddles and htey are too big, your only option are the skinny saddles.

i have never measure PRS saddles before so i can't tell you, although you should ask the seller to measure them for you.
Theres alot of variation with string spacing and saddle width. Wider string spacing wider saddles. Will a PRS saddle fit a strat style vintage trem, maybe! You need to measure the string spread on your original trem to give us an idea of what might fit, maybe post a pic of your trem and original saddles. Alot of foreign made guitars use a narrower spacing than american instruments and will use metric vs inch specs parts.