Hey guys...
The song is called "Will You Go?" and is the only one currently in my profile. Just looking for some honest critiques.

C4C if you request it.
Hey man thanks for your comments on my song!

I really liked this song, it's well mixed and written. Vocals were really good and went well with everything else. I'm not sure there is much you could do to improve it, it's a really nice song, maybe the ending could be trimmed a little, but I really liked the harmonics. Nice work, would love to hear some more stuff from you
its really good. its the kinda stuff i listen to when relaxing. i really liked the lead guitar tones. the main guitar seemed a bit chimey at times. i would maybe suggest running it through a filter to roll off some high end during the a few of the vocal parts. not much and certainly not for the whole song, but there were a couple parts where that guitar just seemed to pop out too much when there were other instruments/the vocals could have deserved a bit more attention. the part with the two guitars around 4:30 was a bit wierd to me as well. i dont think they were out of time, but they half sounded like they were. i cant place my finger on it, but i kinda raised an eyebrow wondering what i was hearing.

other than those minor things, i really liked it. vocals were very well done and youve got a very nice voice. there were a few parts that seemed like there was an effect added to the vocals for a line or phrase, and i think that added a lot to the song as a whole. was sorta subtle and not overdone, which i think its hard to get right, and you nailed. some very nice guitar work in there as well, and everything meshed nicely in both what was being played and how it was mixed (other than the aforementioned part). overall, i would have to say i liked it and would like to hear more from you.

if youve got a chance and want to listen to one of my songs, ive got an old thread for my most recent recording that could use some comments
Wow, this is really good. You have a great voice!

I love the guitar, its simple but not boring.

Very well done!
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hey thanks for the crit

i really like this song, its got alot of emotion in it without being overdone. you got the vocal harmonies just right, not too often so that when they come in it rly makes the line stand out.
I think that maybe the drums could be a little louder in the mix, or maybe if they kicked in a little bit more towards the end, rly powerful hits on the kick & snare but keeping the same beat.
i can't hear anything other than that, absolutely loved the ending.
cheers man
nice work ... liked the harmonies.. you have a good voice.. overall i liked the song i dont know why but to me it seems like something that would be on a simple plan album