just looking for some honest feedback/criticism. C4C obv.
doesn't have any vocals yet, but i am planning on putting some on.
The song is on my profile, called 'two tone'
like it a lot. very nice overall tone and it was well balanced. i felt a few parts were a bit too busy since there was a lot going on, but things were layerd enough that it mostly worked. there was a lead part fairly early in the song that i felt deserved to get pushed higher in the mix while the part that was loudest could have been lowered. it was the part right before it paused for a moment i think.

the tone and playing were my favorite parts, though i really think the tone helps the playing reach its full potential. got a bit distracted so i wasnt really typing as i listened, but nothing popped out at me as hampering the song. so basicly, i liked it even it is isnt what i would usually stick on myself

got an older track that i would appreciate if you listened to here.
Hey Rob. Took a listen to your tune and it's cool! I really love the quirky guitar sounds and riffs. I can definitely hear this working well as a song and it has a really cool interesting vibe to it.

really the only thing I can say is that there are times, imo, when the delay on the lead guitar doesn't really add anything, and actually sounds a little distracting (such as the little section that starts around :35). BUT for most of the time, the delay was definitely cool.

If you wouldn't mind C4Cing, I have a thread here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1217003

Thanks for sharing!