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Are your family into doing art of any form? If so which family members and what art?

My family are just not into any form of art whatsoever. I wish they were.
none at all. my parents don't even support me being musical lol, they claim its a waste of time
I have two brothers, one plays guitar, like me, and the other plays bass. My parents are not into art. Whatsoever.
my brother was a music education major (no jobs though lol), everyone else in my immediate family can't tell the difference between pitches. On my mom's side of the family, my aunt was apparently one of the most renowned violinists in the country, something I didn't know til right before she died
My dad likes music. That's all.
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my mum is a borough piano teacher, both my sisters play trumpet, my dad used to play guitar and i do flute and bass. my nan played piano as well.
My Dad played bass and guitar when he was younger. Still does occasionally. The rest of my family listen to music, and my parents support me playing, but they're not really 'artistic'. Outside of my immediate family there are a few guitar players, but not much more.
My mum sings in choirs, plays piano and used to be a grade 8 flautist. My sister used to play violin (though merely as a result of my mum trying to get us to play instruments) and my dad isn't musical in the slightest.
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My mom is an artist/art teacher
My dad plays guitar and sings in a couple bands, and teaches guitar.
They toured together in a couple bands back in the day, opened for some pretty big bands (Ramones)

So yeah, pretty artistic lol!
my dad used to play piano, but he was forced into it so really didn't like it. he's not that musical
my mum is a musical retard
neither of them are arty either

so they were very surprised when i got properly into music (especially seeing as my brother is also a musical retard) now i'm doing a music degree.... my sister is very good at flute and singing too, no idea why we are so different..
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my dad used to play piano, but he was forced into it so really didn't like it. he's not that musical
my mum is a musical retard
neither of them are arty either

so they were very surprised when i got properly into music (especially seeing as my brother is also a musical retard) now i'm doing a music degree.... my sister is very good at flute and singing too, no idea why we are so different..

you were adopted.
My dad's a postman, and my mum watches Deal or No Deal and they both like birdwatching. There.

I have an uncle that plays music in a Country/Folky thing.
everyone in my family plays some piano and my sister plays really well in fact she goes to college for playing piano and can play pretty much anything if she practices enough my dad sings pretty well and of course I play guitar... and dibble dabble in other stuff
My mother went to acting school, and lived the fairy tale hollywood story of 'giving it all up for me' sort of thing. Though she tells it out much better than it really played out. She's very into photography though.

As for my dad, he used to be a producer, and owned a studio which has actually seen some work by The Rakes (Ten New Messages), La Roux, and was recently bought by Stuart Pierce who produces the killers. He's also a guitar collector and isn't the best at playing but he's got a much nicer style than a lot of people that just learn some songs and decide they're great players. He also enjoys listening to music and is the reason I love music so much today, and as every Japanese teenager living in the 60's and 70's, he very much loved the Beatles. :p

I have no idea about the rest of my family...
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you were adopted.

I was and im tied to be the most musical person in my family...
except my parents just like classical music and praise music nothing wrong with those but there close-minded in what they listen to my sister listens to all the generic radio sh*t like coldplay and Taylor Swift but at the same times claims to listen to classical music which is what she plays for college...
My dad does graphic design and my mom designed costumes and both went to college. my dad was pretty into music though he never played guitar or anything.

My older sister is in college for music education, and my 2 younger both play instruments (trumpet,flute, and cello) and my brother designs games so pretty musical/artsy.
my grand father plays guitar and piano and my uncle had a "guitar shop" back in the 60's notice the "" on guitar shop. my sister played piano until high school i tried to teach my brother guitar, my dad took guitar lessons when he was a kid. my mom whistles. she cant whistle for ****
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Uhh my family is so ****ing lame, I've got one uncle that is a badass drummer and a cousin whos good at guitar and banjo. Also his dad was an original member of the Garth Brooks band and helped write some the first album they did. Other than that my family is a bunch of uninspiring robots.
My mom can't any instruments. My sister is a good at drawing and my dad is a DJ. Also my grandmother played accordian when she was a kid.
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My dad can draw, and tried to learn to play guitar but failed. My sister used to play clarinet, and also tried and failed to play guitar. My brother plays guitar and a little piano, and used to play trumpet. I play drums and guitar, a little bit of piano, and used to play flute. A bunch of my cousins are piano players, singers, and stage actors, and one of them also plays guitar.
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My whole family is pretty enlightened when it comes to music, but my dad and sister don't really sing or play instruments, although they both played trumpet when they were younger. My mom sings and plays piano and guitar. My brother plays guitar.

I'd say I'm the most musical person in my family, but I'm not raised by musical retards.

As for other arts, my sister dabbles in painting, which she picked up from a friend. She's pretty good.
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Not at all. They don't support me. I joined Art club my freshman year and my dad was like "why didnt you join football you homo." He always told me that music and other art forms that I pursued and continue to pursue are "for sissies". And that I'm not nor ever will be a "real man" because I play no sports and dont plan to. This is coming from a former wrestler in highschool.
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None at all. They support me with my creativity because I'm pretty useless with academic things but I don't know where I get it from, except I do have one uncle that plays guitar haha
I'm the only person in my family to take an interest in any form of art. Since I picked up piano my little brother has shown more interest in music and plays my keyboard often.
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mine is pretty artistic - at least in my immediate family

my mom used to draw and paint all the time, but i guess time got the better of her, and she sorta lost her passion, but she used to be really good

my brother was a poet and won a couple of contests, he also loved drawing and stuff like that, and he played guitar, but now hes 30, married and has a daughter.. so not much time for that.

i love drawing, music, and literature. i was always really good at writing short stories, and stuff like that, and my teacher said i was one of the most creative students he ever had. i just recently started getting interested in poetry, just to expand my horizons and see what i can do- also i kinda idolize my brother so that probably has something to do with it.

we also love going to museums and stuff like that. i remember my mom and i went to the chicago art museum, and my brother was super bummed cuz he didnt get to go. but we had a really good time because my family loves art a lot.

but yeah, mines decently artistic
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My dad's side isn't really musical, but they have a great appreciation for music.

My mom's side has a big background in music, my mom used to play classical guitar and sang in a choir. My uncle has a polka band that goes around and plays shows and is a music teacher. My grandmother also sings. One of her relatives was also a big singer (I think also in a choir) in Slovenia a long time ago. Also, her cousin used to be 1st violin in the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.
My grandpa's brother was a musician before.

My dad and mom likes to paint and my sister plays guitar AND paints.
Almost every man in my family can at least tune a guitar but can't play for some reason but my grandfather was a very good self taught accordion player he played every day before he got Alzheimer =(
Nobody, apart from my uncle, who isn't blood related. He plays bass/guitar/sings/drums/keyboard/etc.

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My grandfather played piano, my nan sung, mum plays a bit of guitar, my brother wants to learn bass, so yeah theres a fair bit of music.

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