Oh yeah, I've had a listen before. It's utter lying rubbish, not to mention fiction.

They aren't really the sons of Guthrie!

There's no such place as Oklahoma! People aren't unemployed!
I live in Oklahoma and I approve this message.

I've known Garrett (their Vocalist/Guitarist) since I was like 12.
I dig 'em, kinda Hot Water Music-ish.
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Ok, thank god hostilekid's gonna shut the hell up.

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You win...everything

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All the Whos are there
But the Why's
But the Why's
But the Why's
Are unclear..
I definitely don't hate it.
Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves-Eric Hoffer

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CBGB wants to be famous like the others such as Green Day and Offspring. They don't want to be a underground punk band.
When I saw them in May, Garrett couldn't quite understand my accent and thought my name was "Grub".

True story.

Also they are the shit.
I saw these guys in St Louis and stayed at the same house as them. Nice dudes, gave me whiskey
Jizz is where it is