How's it going?
Looking for a bassist and a drummer in the Lincolnshire/Yorkshire area.

Me and a mate of mine are wanting to start up a hardcore band, in the vein of modern hardcore.
Internationally, think Trash Talk and Magrudergrind. Nationally, think Throats and Hammers.
Musical compatibility is a must. So if you don't like Black Flag and Minor Threat, **** off.
Just kidding. But an appreciation for old school hardcore is a must.

Band will, ideally, consist of:

Vocal duties will be split. But relying heavily on a lead vocalist (already found, nobchops).

If you're interested. Hit us up on t.richardson9293@btinternet.com or thexreckoner@live.co.uk
Cheers, sonnn
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Let me know when you play at The Base.
I own that stage.
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