EDIT: I uploaded it on my profile to make it easier to listen to.
Still, please do download it - it's worth it!
And listen to it with headphones!
I play the guitars, bass, keyboards and programmed the MIDI drums on this one. Recorded on a MacBook through Garageband.

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Really good.Catchy melody,nice solo and vocals are ok.
But i think you need another vst or whatever you use for drums,
they sound unnatural.Well, that drum sound is ok for demo.
The intro is really good, and that bass riff is awesome! Goes really well with the song. Guitar tone is nice and interesting riffs. Vocals are good. I'll agree with the drums, but as we know MIDI is hard to get sounding good The whole song flows well and it's really catchy. Thanks for commenting on mine!
Thanks dudes
Nice to hear that you like it. Yup, midi drums - aka really hard to get ag good sound. Especialy on garage band. I should get a new drum plug-in. Any recomendations?
Something that can be used with garage band?
Sweet bbass riff, loved the intro. In fact, I loved the whole song.

Cool riffs, the drums are quite well done and the vocals are good as well.

Nice work, very groovy sound, sound really professional.
It took me quite a while to download the song (because of my ad blocker) but it was definitely worth the wait!
Thank you

I really put alot of work in it and I'm very pleased to hear that it was well worth it

I know uploaded it on my profile, so if you don't feel like downloading, drop in and give it a listen.
Do crit, I will more than gladly give back crit (loads of it)
It doesn't have to be free. I'm definatly willing to pay up for a decent program since it's totally worth it.
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Oh shiii!

Goodstuff, goodstuff - you always seem to pop up quality stuff you mofo!
Stay sharp and hold on tight.