Me and my friend are trying to record a cover of light my fire but we dont know how to do it. its 7 minutes long, people say to record they just do one instrument at a time, and do the drums first (with a metrenome). problem is, the drummer gets lost in counting after so long. what is the best way to go about recording?
Record the drums in sections. Like stop after he does the intro/verse, then the chorus, then the next verse, next chorus, etc, until the song is over. That way he doesn't have to keep count for that long. When you're done recording the first part, hit record and give him a few measures of preroll so he gets a feel for where he is and then he'll play the next part.
You could start off by recording the whole band playing the song through together (mic the room rather than individual amps or drums). Then, go back and re-record each individual part properly, using the whole-band recording in headphones as a reference.
Record a scratch-track of the guitarist playing along with a metronome. Mix the metronome and guitar track together. Have the drummer record along with the scratch-track/metronome. Make sure that the guitar doesn't overpower the metronome in his headphones.

And yes, in rock music the order generally goes along the lines of drums, then bass, then acoustic guitar, then rhythm electric, then lead electric/solos, then keyboards, then vocals.

Obviously sometimes you will want to re-arrange the sequence - for example if you had a piano-driven song, you would perhaps record the keys before the guitar, and so on.