ive been playing for 2 years but lately when i practice i don't feel to much improvement probably because all i do when i practice is play songs i already memorized and 3 different scales. so how do you practice. i know i haven't been playing to long but im not gonna get better playing the same stuff every day, so what do you do?
15-20 minutes of warm ups and speed building, followed by an hour or two of improvising/jamming.
i just pick up the guitar, do a chromatic scale, run thru to or three of my bands songs, practice sweeping arpeggios, just jam for a bit, practice some more songs I know, and then try a technique or a part of a song a cant do perfect again and again till i can do it
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I think a lot of the answer to your question is right there in your post.

Quote by lilnicky492
...all i do when i practice is play songs i already memorized and 3 different scales...

For starters, learn new songs, and different scales (or if you don't have the 3 you already know down all over the fretboard, work on that).

My practice pretty much goes:
1) Stretch
2) Warm-up using a co-ordination/timing exercise for 15 mins.
3) Work on licks from songs I am working on.
4) A few technical exercises.
5) Learn new material.
6) Improvise. I will pick a different key for every 3 or 4 days.
7) Perform the songs I am working on - note where the issues appear to be and use that info to choose which licks to work on for 3) for the next few days.
8) Bass (usually free improvisation).

Not necessarily in that order, except for 1 and 2 which always go first.
Luckily I can make lots of noise any time and have my stereo, amp and computer on whenever I'm home. Sometimes I force myself to do scales and sweeps for a while but mostly I try to incorporate my exercises into improvised leads over backing tracks.
Right now all I do is sit and play but there was a time when I ran exercises to a metronome... I should still do so more often bearing in mind the skills that I actually have
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To make practice more fun I would suggest learning more advanced songs, and trying to play them and practice th certian techniques the song uses.
it depends on what mood im in and all. sometimes ill have an idea in my head and just pick up the guitar, forget drills and all and just try and capture the idea. other times ill look up a song i like and just learn it. lately ive been playing the alternate picking lessons from the past 4 Guitar World magazines w/ a metronome and just trying to get faster and cleaner. any other time ill just play any riffs i like to play.
id say just try and learn new songs or if u write ur own stuff, try and push ur riff-writing to new limits.
When you learn new songs, learn by ear. I find it pretty difficult and a fun challenge. Very good way to train your ear.
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