looks pretty sweet
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you get nuke when kill 100 peoples in rush, it is a small ba boom but leaves big crator

if you make it look a little more "metal" it would be good

add some blood and dead babies to it
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Make something original unless you want to get rights to legally use that.

It isn't worth the hassle to get rights to use it, and it is pretty generic imo.

That exact image is Creative Commons, and in more general terms, the symbol is ancient and widely used - there is no worry of ownership.

I certainly see no reason why you couldn't use it- the one you linked to on Wiki is even in SVG format so there won't be any issues with quality.

Edit :
Rickjpelleg grants anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.
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Are you a Tibetan Bhuddist metal band?
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You know music is like 100% sound right?

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Obligatory band link \/
It says there's a vector version available. Take it into illustrator, play with it, maybe experiment with the colors (black and red is pretty metal)
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That symbol looks pretty cool and seems like it could have some potential, but I see it more as the artwork for an album (over a black background) than a gimmicky way to write your band name.
i like the concept, but two things: like some people said, if you're a metal band, "metal it up" (ask yourself, what wold dethklok do?). also, didn't POD already do this?