Hey guys,

This is my bands first song we have written. We decided to do a very rough recording so that we could put it here for some advice for our first song. We had limited time to do this rough recording, so please note the extra bar in the first verse, some singing stuff ups (Done in 1 take, so not great quality) and just overall roughness.

We would really appreciate some feedback on our song.


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Look, dude, you put this in 3 places already and i decided to listen just for the hell. It sucks.
The vocals are terrible, the guitar tone is aweful (seriously, i wouldnt be able to listen to my own playing if my tone sounded that bad) now stop posting.
Or at least post in the right damn forum and stop calling it RATM
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It's alright in a punky sort of way.

But the Sex Pistols have already supplied all the music of this type that the world will ever need..

Why the hell did you put RATM in the title?