Hey guys,
Here's my new song called "Beauty in the Contrast". I recorded bit by bit over a week or so in my dorm room haha. Let me know what you think, and leave your link for me.

I liked it, not a huge fan of the style but it's pretty good.

You're a very good vocalist, how long have you been singing? And what stuff do you use to record?
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Hey man, I've been singing for about 3 years. Playing guitar/bass for 7. and I record everything in Garageband! (with a line 6 ux2 interface)
cool myspace page first off. i like the trees. nice dog too. i likled it. great tone/guitar playing. chords and rythem weree good. this rocked. well done man. good melody. you can hit those high notes good. great singing. i like the lyrics. they go with the music good. you gotta join a band and play this live. you would rise to the top and quick. i loved it. not m uch else to say. cool message too. good stuff.

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