An atempt at writing some somewhat generic metal lyrics. I just want a simple, keep it or toss it. please! im to shy to show this to my band mates at the moment. C4C

[Verse 1]

Is it, you there, again,
You just keep showing up,
Have you, come back, for more,
Why can't you learn your lesson?
You've not-thing left, to gain,
Running away won't help you,
Cuz I've, killed you, before,


So I'll, take this, bullet,
And load it in my gun,
Point it, at your, head,
should I pull the trigger?
Fortune, Favors Few,
And you are not of them,
Where are, you to, go,


You are alone out here,
The path you walk will fade,
You've lost yourself to fear,
Now your always afraid,

[Verse 2]

Damn your, life to, hell,
It is a broken soul,
You will, never, mend,
To man- y peaces, torn,
You are, doomed to, fail,
With everything you do,
It's time, to make, a choice,




Your, life doesn't matter,
Still, don't mean a thing,
Falling, a dying angel,
Down, into hell,
You've, failed your mission,
Lost, sight of goal,
Your, spirit is tainted,
Wings, no longer soar,

[Guitar Solo]


[Chorus x2]


please tell me if they suck to much to keep.
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