hey people what's up?
this is the deal: I have a squier bullet guitar with tremolo, and my stings are Fender Super 250L, (.009 to .042) Nickel Plated Steel p/n 073-0250-003. Or should I say were, because i broke them and now i need to get new ones. So, this is the the question : wich strings should i get? Hope you guys can help me. Thanks in advance.
String brand is pretty irrelevant, but size is most important. Thicker strings have a higher tension, and can handle down and drop tunings better than thinner strings. I personally use ernie balls, but I still don't think for regular guitars, that strings don't matter too much. Bass on the other hand is a different story. If you often tune lower than drop D, then I'd go with .11s. Otherwise, .09s or .10s would be fine. Be aware you'll probably have to mess with the string saddles on the bridge and the spring cavity b/c of your tremolo.
If you can adjust the trem's intonation and spring tension, get some .10's. In my experience, they hardly ever break, and they sound a tad bit thicker and fuller. Brand-wise, even tho it's mostly personal preferance, I would try some Elixir thin coated strings, or maybe some Ernie Ball's or D'Addarios.
+1 For Ernie Ball Super Slinky 10s. They are the best strings I have ever used.
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ernie ball super slinky's are cheap and good quality. I would try to go for 10's. I use gibson vintage reissue (best sounding strings i've ever used) on my gibsons. they sound amazing. Also elixir nanoweb's are expensive but they last a long time.
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