Hello! Can you tell me please what's the difference in the sound between the PURE Nickels and the Nickelplated Steels?
What companies say is that pure nickels sound warmer than nickel plated, but I say that is BS because I have a set of pure nickels on right now and they sound no different IMO.
daddario claim nickel plated steels are brighter, and for the bedroom guitarist fret wear will probably take a couple of years minimum before a refret/ fret dress is required, it is also dependant on how much it`s played and how much you play over certain frets the 12th and 14th,frets normally wear out quick as it`s a frequently used area of the neck.

should you worry about fret wear due to string construction...not really
Pure nickel plated strings have a little bit less output since there is less steel in the string. They sound a little bit rounder and darker because of this, which can be good or bad depending on your genre. I would not suggest pure nickel strings for metal players, but they're a nice touch on a jazz or blues guitar. The difference is most easily noticed in the neck position where you'll get a little more ring and warmth than usual.

I have not noticed a huge difference in fret wear with the two types of strings, but the pure nickel strings are a little easier on my fingers.