Im thinking about getting a tube amp, in my research I found some interesting options such as the reg VOX ac15 and the Fender NOS blues junior.
I want the amp mostly for me, to play in my house and practicing, also Im in a band but our gigs are for about 150 persons and I can easily mic the amp, i guess the size wont matter much.

I like both tones, the british and the american, but talking about speakers, components and all the stuff inside wich one would be the right option or wich other options do I have in here ($600.00)

Other thing: I have a line6 PODxt Live. If I get this tube amp, should I keep the pod or should I sell it and get analog pedals instead?. Some ppl say that if you run your amp through the pod you lose a lot of the amp tone but i dont know.

Thanks guys.
NOTE: Decisions, Decisions

Either amp would be good but are quite different. All down to a matter of choice. You seem to have a fair idea of the differences between 'em just by mentioning british vs american tone, so really just try to decide which one you absolutely couldn't do without. The pod'll do the job of making one sound like the other to a fair extent anyway.

Personally, I'd scrap the pod and buy a nice od/dist pedal for your new tube amp. But that's me.

Is what some junkies refer to heroin as. For me it's just loads of wires and good sturdy housing, but just as addictive.
WHICH amp, out of those two, is a tough DECISION.

Really either would work great. That is a choice that you have to make.
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