Hey, I was wondering if some of you more literate folks could help me with this.

Suppose I have 6 16th note triplets filling up one beat. I now take the first four notes, and replace them with 6 notes played in the same amount of time. How would you notate the rhythm for that? Obviously not as 32nd notes since despite there being 8, the last two are played at the same speed as the original 16th note triplets, and the first 6 are nontuplets, I guess.

I know the usual conventions for notating irregular note groupings, such as quintuplets, and that if only some notes within one beat are irregular (for example, you have 16th notes, and if the first three were replaced with five, you would notate those as 5:3). The problem with the example above is that the original 16th note triplets are already an irregular grouping - 6 in the space of 4 - and I am trying to put another irregular grouping on top of it.

It was a lick I came up while messing around with something that was originally just sextuplets, and I realised I couldn't write it. If I don't know how to write something I always like to learn so that I can recognize it if I see it later on down the line.

Thanks in advance for any replies!
I'm tired as hell and barely read anything you wrote, but I'm guessing they are some form of dotted notes.
Thanks guys, this totally helps. The Steve Vai article was very educational. When I got to "Polyrhythms within polyrhythms" I was like "A-ha, that's the name for this". And as I continued reading beyond that I started getting a migraine (in a good way, hah).

Thanks again.