new here and have probably a pretty basic question. i just ordered pickups for my peavey rotor exp, and i accidentally ordered a bridge pickup for the neck. will I be able to ajust he height of the poles properly to use it still or do i truly need a neck pickup?
note; they are a dimarzio X2N for the bridge, and a duncan TB59 for the neck.

I hate you. That's my dream guitar.

Poles have nothing to do with what makes it a bridge or neck pup. Same height, regardless.

You can use a bridge in the neck. Normally neck pups aren't as "hot" as bridge pups; neck pups have a lower dc resistance.
well i mean the resistance on the X2N is about 16K where as the 59 is about 8K so i think it'll still still sound right in the neck even know its bridge pickup? i mean the neck one is only like 7.5K so not much different.
am I right to say this?
It should be alright.

I wouldn't know much of the technical specs, but depending on the pickup configuration, you should be just fine.

I've seen people put an X2N in the bridge and a Tone Zone in the neck with no issues (i.e. no ridiculous volume drop or boost when switching to the neck pickup), and the Tone Zone is recommended as a bridge pickup.

I wouldn't put something like an X2N in the neck and a Humbucker from Hell in the bridge, though, as the output from the X2N would overpower the Humbucker from Hell, as far as I recall.
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