I've gone through three low E strings now. Today I can't seem to restring the low E without the bridge pin popping up. I've always kinked the string and had no problems. There's usually one inescapable "jump" that makes me cringe, but it stays seated. (Though the pin tends to sit higher than I'd like.)

This time, no such luck. No matter how I bend the ball-end or insert the string into the bridge, it ends up perfectly lined up to force the pin up and out.

I've cursed the usage of slotted pins and the entire bridge pin system more than enough today. I also have a new fear that the next time I try to restring the low E, with one end coiled around the tuning post like a predatory snake, the ball-end will leap from the bridge and strike me.
When you insert the string in the hole then the pin, always pre-seat the ball end by giving a few good tugs on the string as you also press the pin in place firmly. If the string is seated correctly you wont be able to tug it out of the bridge. Also, try making the problem string the first on e you install because it leaves room to get a hand inside the guitar body to make sure the ball end is off the tip of the pin and along side it where it belongs.
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