so im gettin a new guitar and my budgets from 800 - 1100 usd.
im buying this guitar for more metal oriented music. megadeth, slayer, metallica thrash kind of stuff.
right now i have the esp viper 100fm. http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_viper.html
im lookin for somethin quite unique and different than my esp. i want
- 24 frets
- tremolo(preferably fr)
- active pickups
- fast/thin neck
- good overall tone
so do you have any suggestions that meet the requirements? thanks
I saw a LTD once for 400$ with a FR and Emg's( i think it was an fr) it was used, but it had 24 frets, really fast neck, and decent tone. only problem was the cord kept falling out

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I just have a quick question. If you want something unique and different of your ESP, I can understand wanting a tremolo, but not more active pickups. Wouldn't it be better to gain some tonal versatility with a guitar equipped with passives? That's just me though.
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Alot of the things you listed that you want are gonna have a very similar tone to what you have
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BC Rich ASM Pro - suited for metal
Michael Kelly Hex Deluxe - also suited for metal
Washburn X50 V Pro - not quite suited to metal but can definitely pull it off and has passive pups
Ibanez RG1570 - suited for metal but has passive pups.
Quote by elmeistro55
ok anything else? im kinda into the new dbz guitars but theyre expensivr

They aren't that expensive. The USA models are, but the Premiere's are pretty affordable and high quality. Just because they are coming out of China doesn't mean they are cheap; i have heard several great reviews of them.

You should look into the Venom or Bird of Prey.



I highly recommend you read the reviews on these two pages if you haven't already. Both guitars are amazing...i'm still trying to decide which i want to get first. I will either be one of them or the Wine Red Bolero AB.

Good Luck.
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