I just got a epi g-400 cheap from a friend I like everything except the pickups are muddy, do you guys know a good set of pickups to put in my epi sg for a really nice crunchy classic rock sound? Like a nice Led Zeppelin or maybe a Deep Purple style distortion when I need. I have a nice Fender highway one tele so I don't care how the clean sounds the pickups offer is, though it'd be nice if it was very versatile. I don't like metal either.Don't want active pups. Thanks!
Budget? The best pickup I've used in my G400 is the Rio Grande BBQ bucker. It's more of a raspy texas blues sound, so I don't know if if would work for waht you want. But we also need to know what amp you're using to see if it will match well.
I put Duncan 59s in my G400 and it sounded alot better. Before the 59s the neck pickup was muddy and the bridge just was not nice at all. With the 59s it sounded sweet.
SD JB in the Bridge and SD '59 or Jazz in the neck.
GFS Mean 90s.

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I playing into a peavey classic 30 for those wondering.
Looks like I'm gonna go for the SD JB in the bridge and put SD '59 in the neck thanks for the help! Also if you feel you have a better suggestions feel free to post it I have not purchased it yet and am willing to explore alternatives.
Do you use your amp to generate all your distortion, or do you use overdrive or distortion pedals instead?

If you go straight to your amp, your amp's already fully cranked and you still don't have hard enough distortion for your tastes, a high output pickup like the JB is a decent choice, though it's not my personal pick - I find it gets very muddy. The Duncan Distortion, Full Shred and Custom 5 are all about the same output as the JB model, but are all also much clearer. My personal favourite is the Custom 5.
If however either you just aren't cranking your amp fully yet, or you're using either an overdrive pedal to boost your signal or you're using a distortion pedal to replace the amp's distortion entirely, then a high output pickup is going to be pointless for you. If that is the case, you'll be better off with a low output, very clear pickup like a Pearly Gates, '59, Seth Lover, Jazz or Alnico II Pro model. My personal pick would be the Pearly Gates.
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