When you guys write a song, do you just jam into it ? Or do you think about what would flow well together, starting from a single note or chord ?

Most of the time, I just play scales alternating with chords. Then I find something nice and improvise more with that. I don't write songs, just jam. I was curious as to what would be more popular ... I know I have a friend who likes to write music when bored in class and he'd improve it later when he gets to a guitar.
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i do both - some of my songs have come out of jam sessions, some have come out of more careful construction. I would say for the most part most of my material comes out of jam sessions which start with a strong initial idea, be it a chord sequence or riff. Those ideas can either be constructed or i may just randomly come up with something, or be playing something, get it wrong and like it.

I think the best songs come with a little of both - sometimes just jamming gets you some good ideas out that you wouldn't think of until you played them. Sometimes taking some time to think "i want to construct x mood, maybe i should use y as an emphasis note and z chord" can really help too.