Im planning on going busking to earn some money to buy myself a new guitar. Problem is, theres not some magic eletric fairy that can let me get some electricity into my Vox with out a supply. So, i've done research, yadaa yadaa yadaa, the Roland Micro Cube seems good but I wanted to know if you know of any other amps that run off batterys. It doesn't need to have any fancy things, just a plain simple amp which can go loud enough to be heard.

Thanks, Dave..

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Micro cube all the way , very loud for only 2 watts , battery life is good and sounds great
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pretty much all of the above answers are good ones
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If you need no-thrills, the Pignose is a classic. There is even a tube version.

Your welcome, Dave...
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I think the roland street cube was designed for busking. Kind of like a higher powered microcube.
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