I have a Jackson DX10D dinky and I bought some ernie ball power slinkys. my floyd rose only has 2 springs and my question is, cause I just put the strings on and i'm tuning it now I wanna know is it possible my bridge might pop out( it's happened before because one of my springs came off) and is it possible my neck is too weak?
Well, they're 11's so you will need at least 1 more spring in the methinks.
The neck isn't weak, and if that did snap under a measley set of 11's then Jackson would seriously need to rethink a guitar that they've been building for nearly 20 years.

The guitars fine, add another spring and have at it!
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You would need a third spring yes...The floyd rose is a masterful peice of engineering and although I believe yours is a licenced one it shouldn't be to easy to put right if it did pop out.

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If I switch to hybrid slinky would I be able to leave the 4th spring in my guitar? or should I take it out?
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