New tune up www.myspace.com/bleedingskies1

I made this one in bits and pieces and sort of glued it all together in the last week! Been messing with the mix a bit, let me know what you think!

Used my ibanez rgt6exfx for this one! Still djenty in drop B!

Oh and!Should be getting art for my myspace soon! I can't wait! so keep an eye out!

sounds very professional!
may i ask how did you record it?
Gibson les Paul studio
Schecter hellraiser C-1 FR 2008
Guitar Rig - Rig Kontrol
so you plugged the guitar straight into the interface and put on the fx from audios?
that's a great tone without an amp.

edit: just saw that the fractal thing is not a software lol.
btw the 2nd song really reminds me of KSE.

you know, i own guitar rig 3 rk edition but this fractal axe fx blows it away (too bad i cant afford it).
Gibson les Paul studio
Schecter hellraiser C-1 FR 2008
Guitar Rig - Rig Kontrol
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Hey guys thankyou!

The axe fx is expensive, is bassicly a preamp though, with lots of awesome amp sims! and cab sims! and all loads of other stuff!!!

Superior 2.0 bassicly a bigger better ez drummer! much better samples! more mics! etc

And gareth sometimes helps me with what i should do to get it sounding a little better, he has a good ear, he mastered the place promised, and another one i think, but this one was me!

thankyou guys!
Drop B FTW!!!!

Wow, thats all I have to say, is wow, it sounds great, and the playing is really good. I kinda didnt expect it to be so good, since most of the stuff in the OR sounds reallly low quality(me included), Really great drums, I wish I knew how to program drums. It sounds radio quality to me. All it needs now is vocals.

Crit mine? You seem to be a really good artist, I would like your opinion on this song piz.