The fact that I'm asking this question in a thread specifically designed for bands to advertise themselves may make me look a little silly, but how can a band advertise themselves beyond Myspace, Youtube, and UG?
Quote by BlitzkriegAir
play shows
record demos and hand them out
play shows
put up flyers
play shows
word of mouth
play shows

how do you think people did it before the internet?

I think you forgot play shows.
Because deep down, I know you want to:

My Youtube Channel

Constructive criticism is always welcomed.
play shows
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Although the internet can be used to advertise quite well, it should also be used for a place for people to find you. So like they say play shows and hand out demos and flyers and stuff so they find you on the internet.
Shows. A ton of them. Every weekend. Record a demo, fliers, blah blah blah. Everyone has already said it. You can also tag stuff. Get stickers made with your logo and website/myspace URL on there, and put them everywhere. Hand them out. Put them on cars. Put them on building, windows, children, etc. It helps. Oh, and shows.