I'm in a dilemma. I love my guitar (been playing for 1 1/2 years), but I can't find a band I really love/like. I like to listen to classic rock, but I don't really have a band that I can really enjoy listening to and learning their songs. I can only play 1-3 full songs and that is about it. Everything else I know is just snippits of over songs. So I need help finding an awesome classic rock band with a bright sound, keeps you going, enjoyable to listen too, etc.
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Boston! Check out their self titled cd, "Boston". I'm not even a classic rock fan really, but that cd is great
the obvious choice is AC/DC, for me. Simple enough, but still enough of a challenge for someone who's still fairly new to guitaring (and even those who aren't). =)
The Band is an awsome band. they use to back up bob dylan.
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The Who!
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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers now, not just full moon fever, and not just hte ninetees albums Echo, and Wildflowers

Damn the Torpedoes
Your GOnna Get it
Self titles
Hard Promises
and Into the great wide open

these are my favorite albums from my favorite group

I have yet to find someone with an open mind who doesn't like it, even people that never knew of this band or classic rock before