I've narrowed down my search to one of the following: ESP Horizon NT2 or an ESP Eclipse II.

Both are priced about the same, obvious differences are the body shape and pickups (SD vs EMG). I have only played Les Paul shaped guitars (Eclipse) a handful of times. I have heard that these types of guitars are a little difficult to play while sitting down (although the one that I used [Epiphone] was fine), is there any truth to this?

I play mainly prog metal stuff (Opeth, etc..) and just looking for some opinions on which guitar may be the better purchase. Thanks.
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No truth of a LP being hard to sit down with, they are actually of of the easiest ever. But me personally I would go with the NTII because I like SDs and super strat shapes, but LPs and EMGs annoy me because with LPs the single cutaway pisses me off and EMGs they just aren't for me.

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Both guitars would be great for that.. and personally i don't find a epiphone hard to sit down with.. the only problem i find with the eclipse/les paul shape is it's harder to reach the high frets such as around 15-24... my opinion if i was playing rythem i would use an eclipse cause they a nice guitar... but if your playing lead it's nice to have both cut outs.. so i'd say get the horizon if you playing lead and eclipse if playing rythem.. butt

For opeth.. they do alot of clean stuff to along with distorted in the same song.,. so you want a versitile guitar.. i'd take the seymour duncans as they are better for cleans and stuff over emgs..

That's a good amp your using to btw
NIce selection dude... ive always wanted an ESP but i just dont have enough cash, iv played a few at guitar stores and after playing the ESP theres no going back to an LTD...

one question id be asking myself is what are the neck profiles of each guitar. the neck is a major part of your ability to play, nothing worse than an comfortable neck.

pickups can always be changed so its not a big deal..

so i guess the question is do you prefer strat's or les pauls.... ???
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Ive played both.
If you're a lead player get the Horizon. The upper fret access is un-rivaled.
If you're a rhythm player get the Eclipse.

That's my $.02
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Thanks for the advice guys, really appreciate it. I've only been playing for about 3-4 years (1995;2006-2009), don't really play much lead or rhythm, just f'n around trying to learn as many Opeth songs that I can. I've been leaning towards the Horizon but recently threw the Eclipse in the realm of possibilities. I have a SD blackout in my Omen (bridge) and it sounds great.
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if the Eclipses are the same size as the LTD EC models then they aren't hard to sit down and play. i personally dont find a normal-sized LP (whatever that means) hard to play, but i sat with an EC deluxe and it was really thin!

but i second what everyone else has said. the M, H, and MH shapes are really comfortable so id go with one of those.

edit: i mean the actual, real horizon of course

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Hmmm I've had my Eclipse for a few years and I've found the edge of the guitar to be quite distracting while trying to play sitting down however standing up it's of no concern. Both are definitely great guitars but whether or not those EMG pickups will be able to meet your demands is probably a major point.
I'm partial to superstrats and double cut shapes so i'm going to have to say go for the horizon. you shouldn't have to worry about comfort sitting down. it basically comes down to whether you want emgs or duncans and which looks you'd prefer.
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