I came home last night to this! A 1991 RG550!

The flash makes the scratches stand out much more than they do in normal light. Unless you're at the right angle, you can barely see them at all. And this RG550 has no neck joint paint crack, so the scratches are a small price to pay, especially for a 20 year old guitar!

So I restrung it today and it plays veeeery nicely. Very fast and smooth and it has GREAT action.

Something I certainly didn't expect - it has a Lo-Pro Edge! Stays in tune beautifully, even with the brand-new strings. And I'm just curious - is mine set up to the correct balance? The bridge is parallel with the body, but in the FR Setup thread, the diagram for the Lo-Pro shows that it should be on a bit of an angle...

I was surprised by how much I liked the pickups after hearing so many mediocre reviews of them. They sound great with the maple neck - very snappy and perfect for playing some Arsis However, when I switch to the middle position (single coil), I lose any gain that I have, the sound becomes clean, and there's a fairly large volume drop. Anyone know what's up here?

And by the way...If anyone ever wants their guitar strung perfectly, contact me

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you just came home to it? regardless, SWEET!!
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Oh man, you just got my next guitar! Ever want to sell it, just tell me, lol.

I bet that setup thread is correct, try it I guess. Maybe find some pictures of them from the side to know which way?
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