Inspired by Converge, Botch, etc... intense hardcore from Melbourne, Australia. I saw them on their Betrayed nation-wide tour a bit more than a year ago, played with No Way Out and blew them out of the water.

Recent 7" has been mixed by Kurt Ballou, not sure if it's been released or not though because they've split, sucks... playing their last show in November.

Fans of the bands mentioned should definately check out Betrayed.
They should still be releasing the 7".
The only good news about them breaking up is Craig starting a Cursed style band
Fairly cut they broke up but, my band was meant to be doing a 3 day thing with them and I Exist.
Everyone should buy/download Betrayed, quality album.
fingers crossed they'll release it, i can see you can buy it but i guess it'd be the preorder since they havent mentioned releasing it.

and im amped for that cursed style band already. haha.

mind pming me your bands myspace? would like to give it a listen
ahaha yeah i remember you guys now, and yeah i got the demo i love it, and not just saying that. sexy mix or whatever the song is called it sick. couldnt get one of the songs to work though, said it was corrupted? banana mix or something? haha
yeah it screwed up. we have proper names for songs and such now though.
dude, living in tasmania must suck, any good bands from around your area?
yeah man it does suck, its a a great place to live but not very good at all as far as bands coming down and such. a few good locals though:

http://www.myspace.com/standdefiantband (melodicish punk)
www.myspace.com/scandalband (melodic punk)
http://www.myspace.com/silentmajorityhc (mates with a few of the guys in this band)
http://www.myspace.com/ridethetigerrock (guitarist is my college music teacher)

but yeah its shit when you hear of good shows going on interstate and you cant go. especially all of the poison city record in-stores etc, i love every band on that label, and US bands
I'll check all those bands out. Yeah man Poison City Records rule, most of their shows are 18+ though, so I rarely see them too.
The Seduction's song that was on the HC07 sampler called This Statement Is False is awesome, apart from that I've never really gotten into the band though.
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Amazing band. I stumbled across them a few months ago and I absolutely love them.
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Does anyone know if and when Black Cranes is gonna be released?
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Bumpy bumpy because Craig (vocalist from Seduction) and guitarist from Stand Defiant (TAS) are joining The Omen. So keen to see what they sound like