Alright, so, my sister just started playing guitar (I've been playing a little over a year), and she has this guitar . However, the action on it is crazy low, and definitely needs to be raised a bit.

How do I do it? I've never played a guitar with that style of bridge, and don't know how to adjust the action.

BTW, I've been playing just over a year, have this Ibanez in red, except the version from a few years ago (they're the same, except my sound/tone knobs, are black, not chrome).

Thanks for the help

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Ah, ok. That's what I figured, but I wasn't totally sure. Can I do it with the strings still on? I know I can on my guitar.
Alright, awesome, thanks for the help.

BTW, since I already have a thread going, I might as well ask this too: I'm going to be buying an LTD EC1000 very soon (few weeks, as soon as I choose what colour to get. Either White, Green, or the Stealth version), and I was wondering: Since it doesn't have a whammy bar, I was thinking of getting a whammy pedal. Are these good? Which should I get? What exactly does it even do? Replicate a whammy bar?

I would like some of the functionality of a bar, but I don't like the feel of that style of bridge, plus I really wanted an LP with EMGs.

ALSO, Do pedals work with Solid State amps? Specifically, a Spider IV 75? Because I heard that some pedals don't work with it, and that's the amp I have.

Thanks again.
Have you thought about getting the EC-1000FR, and imo whammy pedals don't replicate a whammy pedal and probably won't for a while there's just too many nuances that you get with a floating bridge that the pedal won't be able to replicate fully.

And yes all pedals work with all solid state amps whoever told you other is either a no0b or a drummer.